Monday, August 9, 2010

Memory #17: Red Red Wine

If you're curious about what I did right after I graduated from art school, I had no desire to be an artist just yet - I wanted to become a waitress. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a waitressing job with no experience!? Desperate for money, I took a hostess position at an Italian restaurant in Watertown, hopes they would one day let me wait tables. 
After a long 9 months, I worked a lunch shift and changed my clothes to match the wait staff! White button down shirt, black pants, and a giant black apron. Yeah!

This is the perfect reason you should never let your head get too big...

5 minutes into my shift, no customers yet, we're just standing around and Jay, the bartender is the only person that seems to be busy so I offer to help him open bottles of wine. Red wine. Mind you -I had no idea how to open a bottle of wine, I figured it couldn't be THAT hard.


I have no idea how that even happened, but I DO know that in less than one minute, I grew a gigantic ego and got put in my place. 

The restaurant business can destroy you if you let it. 
(Luckily that was one of the only embarrassing things to happen in my time at Red Sauce...I think?)


  1. I think everyone should have to work at a restaurant at some point in their life. Great memory, Renee. Love that last drawing.

  2. I must ask, you WANTED to be a waitress? Don't get me wrong the restaurant industry is cool, but waitressing seems REALLY hard.

    Great story, had me laughing. I did something similar and I will never live it down either.

  3. Agreed, Bob- everyone should have to work in a restaurant!
    Yes, Casey I WANTED to be a waitress! For some people it's a way of life, but I saw it as a challenge. Think about how often you go to a totally helps you understand the grumpy Gus that's bringing you salad. He probably just got yelled at by a different customer for cooking the food wrong, even though it's not his fault.

    That's why - always tip your wait staff! :)

  4. Great post! Love your illustrations/ much action in them! I once hit a wall with a huge platter while serving at Chili's - it was crash, boom, and then my customers left the restaurant...oy. Good for you for taking on the challenge..everyone should do it at least once in their lives. : )

  5. O' I really love the idea of documenting through sketches, and I really enjoyed going through some of your posts. I also love your unfinished, un-cleaned sketches as they are very emotive. Will keep visiting for more stuff:)