Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Memory #27: Making my Mark *Part 5

(...continued from the previous post)

That November, at the age of 24 (circa 2005), I started my first day at FableVision. I feel lucky that I got to work in the Watertown office because a few years later, I helped pack the entire company into boxes for a big move downtown, atop the Boston Children's Museum.

Ok. I have to mention the irony again because only 3 years prior, I was unsuccessfully trying to teach kids how to draw cows at a Boston Children's Museum event. I think I should change my middle name to Irony?

Back then, there might have been about 10-12 staff employees. I was a freelancer, but hired as a full time employee not long after the move (On the very same day as my future boyfriend! Err, that's future that is now the present. <3)

Now, at the age of 29, I get to work every day with nearly 40 people I admire. The credit really starts with the first two artists I met at FableVision. The reason I have any blog at all is because of Bob Flynn. The reason I have the perseverance to work around the clock is because I admire John Lechner who is passionate enough to do just that. And, in the past 5 years we have added so many amazingly inspiring people to the team.

I can't say enough that I owe each and every one of these people not only my career, but my continued passion for art, illustration, and animation. (Kate, Ryan, Didi, Bob, Hannah, Keith, John, Tami, Taryn, Naomi, Samantha, James, Brian, Karen, Peter, Gary, Adam, Paul R., Shelby, Fiana, Shannon, Caryn, Matt, Jordan, Leigh, Bill, Paul C., Michele, Margarita, Toby, Ellen, Abby, Andy, Kip, Chris, Marcy - you guys ARE AWESOME.) You have to surround yourself with people that inspire you and anything is possible. Simple as that!

So, that being said and in true FableVision fashion, this post can only end one way because it's not the's:

You can see a small sampling of some art I've made at FableVision here.


  1. All of us have families that we didn't necessarily get to choose. And a lucky few of us have other families that we do...thank YOU for being such an important member of our family and for making every day a little bit brighter.

  2. Such a wonderful story and very inspirational. I recently quit my dead end job to give my art a serious attempt, and as scared as I am of what will happen and where I'll end up, your words (or nike's words) of "just do it" and to go for it gives me a ton of confidence. Thank you for sharing your story!!!!

  3. Kate, thank you :) You make every single day way more fun than it should be!

    Cameron, I'm really happy for you that you've found some sort of inspiration from my story. Keep that confidence and thanks for your nice words! AND good luck!! :D