Friday, May 28, 2010

Memory #3: Jerk

Ever have anyone tell you that you look like a golden retriever?
I have.
I used to get highlights in my hair every summer, it was my "thing." One time, though, in my early 20's there was an unfortunate miscommunication with me and my hairdresser.
I remember thinking: "Should my head feel like this? no NOOO NOOOO!"
I had to yell across the salon because my head was actually on fire.
It is too unfortunate to even go any more pictures. 
All I can say that guy who, months after my incident, said I looked like a golden retriever...I will never forget you or how you put an end to my highlights summers.


  1. Why have I not heard this story before! So funny. And on behalf of the jerk, I apologize.

  2. LOL, great post. I'm diggin' your recent illos. Great stuff. Oh and I'm turning 29 this year as too, so I feel your pain!

  3. Hahaa! I have to admit that I might have chuckled a little when reading your story. Unfortunate mishaps are always funnier when they happen to someone else.

    That guy was (and maybe still is) a jerk though.

  4. awww you poor thing! yeah I had some rotton hair cuts - my mum convinced me to get my haired layered once, came out looking more like a fro - my auntie (who was a hairdresser) took one look at me and announced that it was the worst haircut she'd ever seen - bad haircuts really suck!