Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memory #10: A House for Giants

This week, I'm going to do a series of posts dedicated to Lancaster, PA. My parents moved here shortly after I moved away to college in Boston. I spent a few summers living in this house and working down the street at the outlet mall built over old farm land. 
Not so bad, right? Huge house, peaceful quiet, nice neighbors, endless corn fields, plenty of animals... But I also lived HOURS away from my friends and family, which is one of the reasons my parents eventually moved back to Scranton.
Alas, during the short lived time I spent in Lancaster, I did see (and smell) a lot of beautiful (and weird) things. I will share them here this week. 


  1. Ah, Lancaster. I still miss that house. Too bad I spent so much of time away from it traveling. Great representation of the house - and you had the biggest room.
    I remember planting that tree in the front yard – there were NO rocks !!!
    Hmmm, there’s that smell issue again. Could it be that a lot of the neighbors had pets???
    Nice job, Renee

  2. Such a cute picture.
    I really like reading the anecdotes that go with every picture!