Sunday, July 25, 2010

Memory #15: Unexpected Sense of Humor

While living in Lancaster, much of my spare time was spent shopping. (What do you expect, we lived 5 minutes from a gigantic outlet mall!) To my surprise, I enjoyed sporadic visits to touristy spots like the jelly/preserves factory and candle barn – Amish candles burn right down to the end!
These places reeked of family. 
They were designed to be wholesome, old fashioned, and kid-friendly...can I say it? Boring. So you can understand my surprise...
...when flipping through a rack of t-shirts – I saw this:

And it doesn't stop with t-shirts: mugs, towels, magnets, pencils, pens, shot glasses...
To their defense, the name of the town is "Intercourse," but it was named that because it happens to be the intersection of three towns. 
Are you ready for this? 
The names of the three joining towns are:
1. Bird-in-Hand, 2. Blue Ball, 3. Paradise


  1. Wow, I want a mug from Intercourse!

  2. lovely character sketches!! :> i am an aspiring children's book illustrator who found your blog via blog surfing... hope to see more of your work!

  3. That is HILARIOUS. I can't believe you've never told this story before!