Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Memory #21: My Third Apartment

And, the third!
Shortly after I moved to Surrey Street, Kelly decided to move to Boston...saving me from my gloomy path. Thank you, Kelly :) 
I'd say we used this apartment as an incubator...throwing years of emotion into the decoration. We covered every bare inch of those walls with words... Yes-words. Words that meant something, song lyrics, funny words...
We bought a bag of scrap paper from Michael's and put it to use in a way I'm sure their marketing team never dreamed. 
(A small sample...)
This is also around the time when we brought home some kitties. Mr. Big is over there in the window on the left, and Timmy (then, a tiny kitten) is attached to and scaling the front door screen - stomach out. Typical. 
This scene also includes my buddy Adam...who Kelly met during this time at the New England School of Photography. Fast forward a few years, another apartment, and one more cat later...Adam and Kelly are engaged! Thinking back on all  this time, I think I must have known all along :)


  1. You know I still have all of those scrappy words hanging around. It would take an entire night to go through them ;)

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that although I've dropped of the blog circuit a bit I still love and follow this one Renee! ^_^

  3. :) Thanks guys and gals.

    Lesley, that makes me SO happy. Thank u :)

  4. I love the texture of the "paper"... very cool! Nice art and story too!