Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Memory #22: My 4th Apartment

Well, it's the holiday season, but I haven't forgotten my quest to document my many Boston apartments! 
One thing we definitely knew was how to decorate. For a while, our place looked like the Griswold house, gleaming bright on our dark street, though I think some of the neighbors eventually ended up following suit.
This apartment is now is the official birthplace of One Eleven Images.  Maybe I'll do a summer version of this apartment too, the back porch deserves a blog entry all it's own!
More holiday related stories to come in the next few weeks...


  1. Which one is Timmy? I love the snow on the fence. And the lights. And you.

  2. So fun. Well done, unique composition, it pulls your eye all the way around so you can enjoy the snowflakes :)