Monday, December 13, 2010

Memory #23: Home for the Holidays

Ever since I moved to Boston about 12 years ago, I have made the trip home to Scranton, Pennsylvania for the holidays. The trip consists mostly of I84 and the halfway point is Queen Street in Connecticut. For years, I'd been celebrating Exit 32 because the worst of the drive is over. On the way home for Christmas in 2008, it was just the beginning. 
I was driving along in my '98 Cavalier, Timmy in tow (I'm a left lane driver) and I heard a loud pop and squeal. Even if it's never happened before, your instincts will kick in when you get a flat tire. And mine wasn't just a slow leak, it was A Christmas Story style flat tire with saggy rubber and everything. 
Right before Exit 32 Queen Street, I was lucky enough to weave my way to the breakdown lane with ease and I called AAA. They replied that it was a busy day and I might have to wait 3 hours for someone to come help me. One panic attack and 40 phone calls later, I settled in to wait in the 15 degree weather with a low cell phone battery and I took this video with my camera:

My friends Kelly and Adam were driving to PA on the same day and had left a few hours after me. In the most ironic way possible, they caught up to me after I had been sitting there for 2 hours staring at Exit 32 and Kelly rolls into the breakdown lane with- A FLAT TIRE.
Long story short, AAA finally came and took care of both of our tires and we made it home - in 10 HOURS. (normally 5 tops) Poor Timmy. :)


  1. Wow that is ridiculous! I can't believe they got a flat too.

    Love the illustration, it totally captures highway sign in the snow and sets off the story just right.

    Hope your travels this Christmas are safe and easy!

  2. Haha I know, right!? Thanks Casey :)

  3. Yay! I made it into a post! I think THAT will make it into my "Goodbye my 30's" greatest memories. :) I also remember getting the call that you were stranded, and you were soooooo sad. But at least Timmy was with you. And at least you are a really good draw-er.

  4. I love the expression on Timmy's face - and how he looks away in disgust, like he knows he's on camera and is being all dramatic. I'm glad you both survived!