Monday, April 4, 2011

Memory #27: Making My Mark *Part 1

Ten years ago, I never could have known how many times I would have to describe how I got to where I am today. Ten years ago I had no idea...what I was doing! 
My future was looming, as you can see.
I have a lot of things lined up with my Alma Mater, The Art Institute of Boston, in the coming months, and without realizing it, answering some interview questions for them has forced me to remember a very important timeline that took place in my early 20's - the start of my career.

When something you wanted so badly for so long somehow, one day, becomes ingrained in your routine, it's very easy to forget the way it felt before you had it. And the truth is, I worked really, really, really hard to get to where I am today. I struggled so bad, I really did (and I still do!)

When I graduated from college, the first thing I did was develop a name for my "business." You can see it took me a long time:
I was 23 and like a bait at the end of a fishing line. I went with whatever jumped up and bit me, and a lot of times, I was spit out...
You already know I tried waitressing. Before that, directly out of school, I worked with an organization called About the Arts. James and Yssa were so welcoming to me, a new and energetic college grad they found on the internet.

They worked with me to develop a lesson plan (that I proposed) in response to their artist query ad on Craig's List: "Illustration for Kids." My nerves were completely shot on the opening day of their brand new studio, just south of Boston. I was lined up to be the very first event taking place in their new space. I remember white, fresh paint, iced coffee, and a slight vomit feeling. (I was so nervous that I would mess up or worse, the kids would HATE me.) They unlocked the door and we waited, and waited, and waited...

But, nobody showed up for class.

(to be continued...)


  1. You are so right about how we forget how badly we once wanted something once we have it. It's good to remember that feeling, keeps us from taking things for granted. I love this post! :)

  2. Ummmm...are you finishing tonight please?

  3. Oh, no! The suspense! What happened??